Welcome to my world.

So, this is officially my first post. Let me start off by thanking Shane Moses, a colleague of mine who first planted this very seed of blogging in my head. One day he said to me….”Zivia….you always have so much to say….why don’t you start your own blog” well I think that’s how he said it anyway..If I think about it now…I’m not sure if he was just joking with me or not. …

Anyway. ..here I am on my first blog with nothing specific to talk about, but thrilled out of my mind about the many things I would eventually like to say..

For now…let me share…..I’m a 40+ mother of four crazy kids. (They claim that I’m the crazy one) living with my husband, mother and the Indian ring neck , Annie…oh, and of course there’s Eripa…she’s my domestic and my right hand man/woman….

I’m not sure whether my teenage sons would approve…but I promise to keep the posts as clean as possible….

I think what inspired me most to start this blog was the need for people to be brutally honest with each other. Every day we enter different arenas of our lives where we need to behave in a certain manner and we have to go through every day not speaking our minds but rather saying what we believe others want to hear.

I try to break this habit every day (as soon as I get to work…..). I think that the real intention of this blog is to speak about relevant issues…calmly…but honestly….without the fear of being judged by anyone…to be able to talk about things that affect us all without offending anyone in the process either….

Maybe I’ll add a bit of Cape flavour and chat about local industries and how much they impact on our daily lives…lets just see where this goes.

So watch this space…..


8 thoughts on “Welcome to my world.

  1. Mel says:

    Cannot imagine how “spell check” is going to handle the “foreign” that sometimes(the very rare occasion of course, we are mothers after all) escapes your lips, but look forward to next piece!

    Liked by 1 person

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