Thoughts for Today

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

To those who celebrate, hope you’re all having a wonderful time. I personally don’t celebrate Valentines day because I think its an excuse to actually tell someone you like them AND buy them food or something. One should never need to do that, but hey, that’s your choice.

Was chatting to some friends again and was just talking about this new Ed Sheeran song, Shape of you, and saying how its grown on me. I didn’t enjoy it much when I first heard it, but have started to like the beat. The video is pretty cool too.

Wish I could have someone sing that he’s “in love with your body” ( even after the four kids and stretch marks)and then have Bruno Mars tell me to leave that “Versace on the floor”. I would even leave that MRP or AC Kermans item on the floor for him!!!!

Anyway, just my thoughts for today. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Tuesday.


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