13. University of life: (Mom’s lectures)

Our elders did not have much tertiary education, but they are so much wiser than so many younger people who do. * You may say that they attended the “University of Life” where you learn through “ex…

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“Firstly, I don’t like people much” says Shane then goes on about how he gets annoyed with peoples’ shopping etiquette. He secretly wishes he could do all his shopping on Takealot. I completely get him though. How many times have you been in a queue at the supermarket and have someone breathing down your neck. You feel awkward and move slightly forward hoping that they will get the subtle message to give you some space. This move, however, is often  interpreted as an opportunity for them to move closer to you again.

I must admit I’ve come to a point where I say PLEASE BACK OFF. Okay, not in so many words because I’m generally very polite, but I do tell the person that they are in my space and kindly ask them to move back slightly.

So Shane then goes on and says: “What about when people start moving your groceries on the conveyor belt at the cashier” and we all suddenly burst into laughter. We can all relate to this. This random person behind you in the queue thinks its okay to just move your groceries along in order to make space for their items. Why do people do this? It’s like going to a public toilet and have strangers roll off some toilet paper for you so you can move along swiftly.

Worse than the conveyor belt etiquette, according to Thabiet, is something that he’s guilty of The Trolley Terror! No matter how empty or full the supermarket is, some trolley drivers just don’t keep that Safe Following Distance. They hit the Achilles tendon once, then say “sorry” and hit it again and pretend it was your fault the second time and offer no apology. You meanwhile, turnaround to glare at the culprit, wishing you could utter obscenities but are reminded that your 6 year old child is with you and you are in a public space.

Today’s lesson: “Kissing the back of someone’s neck is a very sensual thing to do….unless you now do it to a stranger in the queue at Pick n Pay” -Jokes of the Cape, Facebook

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Howzit my Bra?

I have this thing about womens’ breasts. Not so much about the breast, but more how the breast fits into the bra, that fits into the clothes, that ultimately help create a certain look. You’re probably thinking its a weird thing to say but I think I’m just verbalising what many other women think. Yes, yes, we already know that the men reading this also look at breasts daily, except for reasons other than mine.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and as humans go, we’re never entirely satisfied with what we have. If its not our hair, then its a nose, or eyelashes, or something. Same goes for breasts. If its big, we want them smaller or the other way around. The fact that gravity permanently works against us is a thorn in our side. Just when you think they’re the right size (maybe pre-babies) they start moving closer to your damn knees.

I’ve discovered that the bra as we know it today, evolved from two little handkerchiefs. Tied together around the back or neck or something. HOW they thought the hankies would hold it all together, I’m not sure.  I can’t imagine that all women back then were small with small breasts.

Anyway, I’m just glad they have bigger and better now, the bra that is. In fact, they have all sorts. They have padding to help the little pears along and they have the T shirt bras for the perfect non bouncing breasts. They have firm support for the ladies that need more help moving their belongings towards the chin and then of course there’s just some seriously ugly ones for the really bigger girls which I think is so horribly unfair. Why do shops / designers do this? The ones that need and want it the most, get the least variety. You all know which ones I’m talking about. The ones that come in standard White, Black and Beige and looks a bit like the stuff our grandmothers used to wear. Except big busted women are forced to wear this regardless of whether they are 28 or 68. Sad but true.

Now the important thing to remember about bras is to wear it correctly. A good bra can either make or break the outfit.  I look at women and how their clothes look when they aren’t wearing the right bra. You can make a Gucci outfit look like Mr Price if you don’t wear the right one. Trust me on this.  I’ve seen women ,and I tell them this ALL THE TIME: ” Just because you have small breasts does NOT mean that it is okay to walk around without a bra!” I really don’t care how comfortable you think it feels, I have to look at them! And they sag, like all our breasts do and they REALLY need your SUPPORT! So please wear that bra. Imagine a 44DD set in front of you at the office and no bra. Same difference. DO NOT GO WITHOUT ONE! #BrasMustNotFall





Welcome to my world.

So, this is officially my first post. Let me start off by thanking Shane Moses, a colleague of mine who first planted this very seed of blogging in my head. One day he said to me….”Zivia….you always have so much to say….why don’t you start your own blog” well I think that’s how he said it anyway..If I think about it now…I’m not sure if he was just joking with me or not. …

Anyway. ..here I am on my first blog with nothing specific to talk about, but thrilled out of my mind about the many things I would eventually like to say..

For now…let me share…..I’m a 40+ mother of four crazy kids. (They claim that I’m the crazy one) living with my husband, mother and the Indian ring neck , Annie…oh, and of course there’s Eripa…she’s my domestic and my right hand man/woman….

I’m not sure whether my teenage sons would approve…but I promise to keep the posts as clean as possible….

I think what inspired me most to start this blog was the need for people to be brutally honest with each other. Every day we enter different arenas of our lives where we need to behave in a certain manner and we have to go through every day not speaking our minds but rather saying what we believe others want to hear.

I try to break this habit every day (as soon as I get to work…..). I think that the real intention of this blog is to speak about relevant issues…calmly…but honestly….without the fear of being judged by anyone…to be able to talk about things that affect us all without offending anyone in the process either….

Maybe I’ll add a bit of Cape flavour and chat about local industries and how much they impact on our daily lives…lets just see where this goes.

So watch this space…..